We are pleased to announce that Dheem Tana together with iDesi & Wahida is going to organize Bollywood dance competition for the first time in Sweden. The Audition for the dance will be stratfrom 22 June 2013 at Stockholm.

As you know that South Asian dance can take on many forms. This competition specifically targets some of the most popular and most entertaining Bollywood dances. Fusion is the potential combination of any style of dance, classical, or any other South Asian mixture of dance. There are other forms of South Asian dance, however, these are the ones we have chosen to focus on for this competition.

These forms of dance help to show the most popular songs and types of South Asian dance that are performed throughout the world. These forms of dance/music are taught throughout the world and are used throughout the world in movies, and songs. We are expecting that many participants will come from around the country to participate in the show for the honor to be crowned the champion of the Dheem Tana. The competitors and audience will be composed of students, professionals, families, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life. The show is guaranteed to attract the attention of the entire country as a high energy, high impact night of fun.

Looking forward to see your enthusiasm on the ground of the audition day and we are requesting you to circulate this competition information to your friends and families!!!